Danny Shervin Sets His Realistic Drawings of Animals Ablaze

 - May 13, 2016
References: paintwithgunpowder & designtaxi
Artist Danny Shervin opts for an unconventional material in his flammable gunpowder paintings of animals that are made using the combustible substance. Once each illustration is complete, Shervin sets the painting ablaze to allow the material to create a lasting imprint into the wooden canvases used.

Shervin's unique art style makes use of the flammable material to create a rustic etched illustration that is engraved into the wooden block canvases using heat. The paintings showcase different wildlife in Shervin's own backyard that he draws using gunpowder. The powder is used to create shading as well, for a more realistic depiction. Once the image is complete, Shervin lights the gunpowder allowing the substance to burn the wood ensuring the drawing is engraved into the material.