'Print Bakery' Aims to Make Artwork as Accessible as Bread from a Bakery

'Print Bakery' is a retail store from South Korea's biggest art auction house, Seoul Auction, that is on a mission to make it incredibly easy for the public to shop for beautiful pieces of artwork.

Since there's the notion that galleries and art shops only sell pieces that are extremely expensive, many consumers don't even make a point to inquire about prices. In collaboration with up-and-coming Korean artists, local museums and galleries, Print Bakery is working to "popularize artwork and lower the bar for the public," as Seoul Auction's Son Ji-sung says.

Artist Kim Whan-ki's original abstract '19-VII-71 #209' sold for the equivalent of four million US dollars last year, but Print Bakery's limited-edition reproduced print sells in the shop for just over $500 USD.