These Madrid Homes by Abiboo Architecture Offer Secluded Balcony Areas

 - Jul 8, 2016
References: abiboo & designboom
Abiboo Architecture has found a way to create seclusion in this busy housing area in Madrid thanks to stacked units that are specifically engineered to create micro-spaces that offer privacy to the residences. The design, known as the House H., is ideal for creating a private atmosphere in an otherwise compact and busy neighbourhood.

The stacked units are designed to be colorful blocks shaped like fingers that create segregated areas of space inside the home in a busy residential complex. The villa is comprised of several of these blocks that are designed to provide micro-spaces within the single unit that connect to one other, but can also be used as separate spaces. These include pool areas, terraces, tennis courts, living spaces and more that are expertly divided using the blocks to create the illusion of large spaces in a small radius.

Photo Credits: designboom, abiboo