From Sleek Superpowered Minicars to Lavish Chocolate Museums

 - Nov 12, 2016
As it's demonstrated in these November 2016 luxury experiences, companies, artists and more are looking to appeal to trigger-happy spenders who have a deep sense of appreciation for one-of-a-kind occurrences -- whether its a lavish getaway or the implementation of designer branding.

Although the 'Braille Skateboarding' team was gifted their unique deck that's covered in a deconstructed Louis Vuitton purse, its extravagant appeal amassed a positive response from the many viewers of its YouTube show, "You Make It We Skate It."

Meanwhile in this compilation of November 2016 luxury experiences, 'Indian Railways Catering' and the 'Tourism Corporation' took the idea of a large-scale union between two people and adapted it for a train car's space -- allowing couples to wed as they travel without missing out on the grandiose feel of a traditional wedding with a big budget.