MFMK Matches Users With Stylists to Answer Their Style Questions

 - Oct 19, 2016
References: mfmk
MFMK is a style service that brings celebrity luxury to consumers free of charge. Celebrities always seem to have the best fashion sense, but anyone could look perfectly stylish when they have access to stylists 24/7. With MFMK, consumers can get access to advice from professional stylists at their whim and totally for free.

To use MFMK, consumers just go onto the site and fill out a questionnaire that details things like their fashion taste, their budget, and their silhouette. They can then send in any sort of request to the stylists, from "What matches this shirt?" to "What to wear to a wedding." There is no limit on the amount of questions that users can submit to stylists and the service is always free.

If users like the suggestions, they can order clothing directly through the site from companies like Simons, Tristan, Lole, Penningtons and Ernest.