From Odor-Resistant Sportswear to Avant-Garde Graffiti Apparel

 - Sep 25, 2016
These September 2016 menswear trends range from wearable art apparel picks to more functional wardrobe staples like multi-sized and odor-resistant casuals. In addition to the month's more practical examples -- from modular military backpacks to user-friendly shopping apps that exclusively feature menswear -- other standouts include clothes that push visual boundaries.

Whether overtly oversized, sculptural or politically charged, these September 2016 menswear picks dare to leave a lasting impression when worn. One of the month's most intriguing examples is an editorial exclusive for F****** Young Online! The edgy fashion story titled 'OUTSIDER' offers a stylish visual commentary on North Korea's political state and goes one step further than traditional photoshoots.

Other standouts in the realm of menswear include commemorative and relaunched sportswear collections -- including those offering Olympics-themed sneakers and re-released basketball uniforms that pay homage to icons of the sport.