HÆRVÆRK's Futuristic Fashion Designs Reimagine Fabric Use

HÆRVÆRK, a brand run by eclectic Danish designer Niels Gundtoft, debuted a variety of futuristic fashion designs from its Spring/Summer 2017 line during the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Each of the looks makes use of unconventional material choices and bold structures, making for ensembles that speak to an overt sense of functionality that make the futuristic fashion designs stand out. This theme is extended to oversized jackets, hoodies, pants and shorts, as well as the accessories shown along with these pieces.

This includes a hefty industrial belt wrapped around the waist of pants made from bright blue tarp and an oddly shaped backpack that looks like a turtle shell. The colorways used throughout are vibrant, with HÆRVÆRK including a variety of tones that are all patched together.