From Customizable Chalkboard T-Shirts to Unisex Cosmetics Branding

 - Dec 23, 2016
Whether they are for people who do not prescribe to a specific gender or for people who just prefer to have unisex clothing and product options, these gender neutral gift ideas vary greatly in their scope.

'Chalky' is a unique t-shirt concept designed for both men and women that appears to be a plain black clothing item at first glance. The shirt actually has a panel on its chest that allows those who wear it to draw their own designs on it in chalk, making for a unique and customizable gift.

Many people are tired of beauty-related marketing that separates men and women as practicing identities, lifestyles and preferences that never overlap. The Emily Goater skincare line 'Oh Skin' aims to avoid following this path by providing a range of cosmetics that are not openly targeted towards a specific gender. Not only does this benefit non-gender prescribing consumers and people who are critical of the social consequences of marketing norms, but it broadens the brand's demographic base as well.