From Restorative Hangover Bars to On-Demand Stylist Services

 - Nov 27, 2016
Edible artefact museums, community-focused meditation studios and professional women-only clubs are just a few of the intriguing concepts in the top November 2016 start-up ideas.

One of the most noticeable themes in these start-up ideas is the that consumers have a desire for on-demand custom goods. Brands like Etched Designs, MFMK and STYR are helping to meet these needs by offering custom bottle labels, stylist services and personalized nutrition plans based on data collected from one's wearables, respectively.

Some of the exciting new ventures that are being taken on by established companies with the mentality of a start-up include Papa John's Pizza completely reformatting its menu with a focus on clean eating and the implementation of smart AI-powered queue guides to help sports fans better time their trips to the concession stand at the stadium.