Kite Power Solutions Offers an Innovative and Cost-Effective Alternative

 - Oct 23, 2016
References: theplaidzebra
UK-based company Kite Power Solutions has created an operating system that pumps two reciprocating phases that allows kites to create power. This innovation allows for an environmentally efficient and cost-effective alternative for power.

The kite is flown in a circular looping path. Once the kite has achieved flights of over 100 mph, the lifting forces are developed by the wing and exerted against a tether. This tension causes the line to spool out from the drum which is connected to a generator. The pitch of the wing changes to lower aerodynamic force, while the kite stays in static. This allows the kite to glide back to the starting point. When one kite descends, the other kite rises allowing energy to be consistent and constant.

This system is predicted to lower energy costs. Kite Power Solutions plans to open its first kite-based power plant in March 2017. Developing countries will be able to move away from diesel and carbon heavy energy sources.