STYR Uses Wearables to Collect Data for Nutritional Recommendations

 - Oct 22, 2016
References: & cnet
STYR LABS is the name of a new start-up that's making it easier for active people to get personalized nutritional recommendations when they sync their wearable fitness devices to the STYR app. By connecting wearable trackers such as the FitBit, Strava or Jawbone to STYR, STYR LABS describes that it's possible to "Combine your motion, activity and environmental data with our science-validated research to create personalized nutritional products."

Inside the app, users are able to put together custom multivitamins or protein blends, all using information that has been specifically collected about their own health and wellness via third-party devices.

Many companies are now using data as a means of collecting unique customer information and as a result, creating products that are tailor-made and better able to serve each individual.