Brooklyn's Glass Hour Charges Patrons by the Minute instead of Drinks

 - Oct 23, 2016
References: & businessinsider
Glass Hour is a cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that offers unlimited coffee, tea, granola bars, and candy. There's a catch, though; while patrons don't get charged for the drinks and snacks, they instead get charged for how long they spend in the cafe.

The unique business model is a response to the way that people tend to use cafes: as workspaces. At many cafes, people come in and buy a single coffee, then take up a table for hours while they work on a project. Not only is that inefficient from a business standpoint, but it makes it harder for customers to find seats in the cafe as well. Glass Hour's pay-per-minute system eliminates that issue, and it also keeps customers from worrying about whether its time to buy another drink or snack.