This Gourmet Spaghetti Dinner Requires Nothing but Water to Prepare

A camping provisions startup called Sasquatch Fuel recently developed a dehydrated spaghetti dinner that is not only good for consumers, but also good for the environment. Made with real ingredients and packaged in a biodegradable packet, the meal is a perfect option for conscious consumers who are unwilling to sacrifice quality.

The Gourmet Spaghetti & Meat Sauce meal from Sasquatch Fuel is a dehydrated dinner that can be prepared instantly with nothing more than boiling water. The meal itself consists of pasta spirals, dehydrated ground beef, Italian spices and a sauce made from vine-picked tomatoes for a delicious take on traditional spaghetti.

Beyond the high-end ingredients, the dehydrated spaghetti also comes with the added bonus of eco-friendly packaging. While it is recommended that consumers take their trash with them after they finish eating, the Omnidegradable bags will break down in two to six months if left in nature.