‘KOHO’ is a Money Management Startup That Targets Millennials

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: koho
Young consumers are looking for more seamless ways to manage their money and are no longer solely relying on larger banking institutions when seeking financial advice.

The startup KOHO is an intuitive platform that allows consumers to organize their finances in a way that is secure, reliable and hyper-personalized.

Organizing one's finances with a large banking institution generally ensures that the money consumers earn is stored safely, however those same institutions often charge clients with excessive fees, push various services too hard, and can offer roundabout solutions to relatively simple problems. KOHO avoids these financing downfalls and gives consumers access to a ‘KOHO Visa Card’ that can be used on any mobile device. Along with this card, the money management platform offers automated savings, real-time updates, and access to ATM withdrawals and money transfers. The brand was partially funded by the accelerator ‘Highline’ that invests in various ventures and startups.

The service offers a unique feature by reducing user fees as much as possible. In the case that a third party partner requires a fee in order for users of the app to access the service or product in question, KOHO will inform the user and provide advice on how to avoid unnecessary fees in the future. For the most commonly used finance services such as purchases, in-network ATM withdrawals and customer support, the business does not charge any additional fees. Users of the KOHO service are, however, able to contest the rare fees they do accrue, that they believe have been charged unnecessarily.

KOHO is a business synonymous with speed and efficiency, appealing to Millennial consumers in search of a financial service that is both personalized and reliable.