From Genetic Nutrition Kits to Biometric Payment Systems

 - Dec 22, 2016
These DNA-specific innovations range from genetic nutrition kits to biometric payment systems that replace traditional cash and credit with scans of one's fingerprint or iris. Standouts in the realm of medicine range from genetically specific doping tests -- like a process that is currently in development by the World Anti-Doping Agency -- to DNA-splicing kits, like Glowgene, a kit that allows beginner scientists to cultivate new cells.

When it comes to niche products that relate to genetics, notable examples include a high end leather jacket that is created using Alexander McQueen's DNA along with wedding rings that are inspired by biological strands.

Other DNA-specific innovations to take note of include customized meal plans and even DNA-generated art work that is a striking decor accent while doubling as a memorable and personalized gift.