The 'DNA Glass' is a Beer Vessel Designed Based on Biology

 - Dec 9, 2016
The DNA Glass project is a method for creating the perfect drinking experience based on human biology. Most beer glasses in bars are incredibly similar to one another: they hold a little more than a pint, they have similarly cylindrical shapes, and the glass is uniformly thick. The DNA Glasses are shaped according to each consumer's genetics, giving a far more tailored drinking experience.

Though one might not imagine the glass having much of an impact on one's beer, the medium is essential to the message of beer. For instance, a pint isn't necessarily the right volume for all drinkers. The DNA Glass project follows five broad principles: capacity, glass thickness, opening diameter, the sharpness of the design, and the complexity of the design. Based on consumer-submitted DNA samples, the DNA Glasses are 3D-printed for each user.