From Modern Herb Grinders to Home Beer Dispensers

 - Sep 24, 2016
With the rise of foodie culture and activities such as home-brewing, there is a growing demand for products that make high-end food and drinks easier to replicate at home.

In terms of food, consumers are looking for kitchen tools and appliances that help them experiment with new flavors and ingredients. One such product is Bambu Studio's Pill Mortar and Pestle, which puts a modern-day twist on the process of grinding fresh herbs. Another product is the Yogurt Day Greek Yogurt Maker, which gives consumers a simple way to enjoy creamy, homemade yogurt any time.

Beyond food, the rise of craft beer culture has also created a demand for tools that can be used for replicate the brewing process and the overall bar experience. As highlighted by the September 2016 kitchen trends, these products can range from home beer dispensers to beer-foaming devices and even reingineered beer glasses.