Panda Express Created the Chork to Help Americans Use Chopsticks

 - Aug 14, 2016
References: nextshark & fortune
Chinese food chain Panda Express has created a chopstick and fork hybrid called the 'chork.'

Panda Express' chork was designed for Americans who struggle to use chopsticks. The chopsticks-fork hybrid has fork-like prongs at one end and the other end acts like a pair of chopsticks. A small spring holds the chork together so that users can easily use either option for the utensil. Panda Express will have plastic, disposable chorks for customers at restaurant locations.

The chork is good for people who don't know how to use chopsticks, but who would like to learn. If they get frustrated, they can easily switch to using the chork as a fork instead. Since the chork is attached by a spring, users also don't need to worry about dropping one chopstick while eating.