Tenta Ensures That Your Browsing History Remains Private

 - Aug 19, 2016
References: tenta & geekwire
Tenta is a newly launched browsing app, designed specifically for use on Android devices, that is designed to give you peace of mind by ensuring that all information pertaining to your browsing activity and history is fully encrypted and kept away from prying eyes.

This browsing app app's security and encryption protocols cover everything from websites you've visited to videos you've viewed and documents you've downloaded. All the information is secured behind a user pin that is off limits to even the Tenta programmers themselves.

Considering that people nowadays managing everything from banking and bill payments to private communications online, the need for an ultra-secure browsing app is stronger than ever. Tenta will appeal to regular people who are wary of hackers or even government surveillance, and want an encrypted browsing app that's easy to deploy.