From Disabled Runner Apps to Mental Illness Support Apps

 - May 21, 2016
Although apps are sometimes seen as frivolous, the May 2016 mobile app trends reveal that a growing number of companies are using mobile platforms to support noble causes. Whether it is connecting individuals in need of support or making the world more accessible for those with disabilities, it is clear that apps can be powerful tools of social change.

As the May 2016 mobile app trends reveal, one of the unique ways apps are being used for good is by creating social networks of support. Instead of connecting friends and family, these niche social networks bring together strangers in need of someone to talk to. Some examples of such networks include the Foveo Care app, which connects individuals suffering from mental illness and the Welcome! app, which helps refugees connect with other newcomers in Sweden.

Beyond social networking, apps are also being used to make the world more accessible. For instance, blind marathon runner Simon Wheatcroft teamed up with IBM to design an app that can help him navigate without visual cues. Another example is the Nurx app, which makes HIV-prevention drugs accessible to those who need them.