Meter Feeder Uses Mobile Payment Services to Make Parking Payments Easier

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: meterfeeder & techcrunch
Meter Feeder is a highly innovative and useful parking payment app that makes it easier than ever for people to pay for their parking.

Conventional parking meters are a massive hassle to use, and even the more modern ones that let you pay by credit card or phone are a pain in the neck to use since they are complicated as well as time-consuming. Meter Feeder tackles this problem by using the wonders of modern mobile payment services such as Apple Pay and Android Pay to let you pay for your parking instantly. The app detects your location using GPS and allows you to pay by simply entering in your license plate and recording the transaction using your saved credit card.

Not only does this parking payment app make parking easier for drivers, but it also ensures that cities get their due revenue from parking.