The Autocode Platform Makes it Simpler for Consumers to Enter into Coding

 - Apr 13, 2016
References: framerjs & fastcodesign
Coding apps can often be daunting to consumers that are not familiar with the command language, making the Autocode platform by Framer an ideal place for newcomers to start off in. The app renders the world of JavaScript much more user-friendly for creating prototypes -- even to consumers that have never coded before.

Autocode is a simplistic and minimalistic app designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate to consumers that don't have any prior existing knowledge with coding. The app allows for 3-D mockups to be made using a toolbox of features to create the codes behind the designs. The app allows for drag and dropping of pre-set codings that come secondary to the visual design. This allows users to create the visual mockup, and let the app create the accompanying code.