- Sep 13, 2017
These biometric authentication innovations are used for an array of purposes, whether it's verifying one's identity upon entering their home to prevent break-ins, or learning about a user to provide helpful fitness and health tips while safely dispensing their prescription medication.

In addition to the devices that utilize advanced facial recognition technology to ensure that a user is who they say they are, there's also a variety that make use of eye scans, finger prints, and palm prints. One example that requires users to give an eye scan and finger print is the 'CLEAR' booth, which was designed to make airport security in the US more efficient. To use CLEAR, travelers simply create a biometric account which costs $15 a month, and then head to a booth that's available.

With these biometric authentication innovations, companies can streamline security processes and prevent human errors.

From Facial Recognition Fast Food Kiosks to Mobile ATMs: