MirroCool Detects Unfamiliar Faces with Facial Recognition Technology

 - Jul 12, 2017
References: mirrocool & mirrocool
MirroCool is a first-of-its-kind smart mirror that transforms into a personal assistant, securely using your faceprint, when you need it the most, in front of the mirror as you are getting ready to head out for your day or evening. Wink, smile or blink is all you have to do to activate its command functions.

The mirror provides security, convenience and personalization as it syncs up to your smartphone and the MirroCool app. Its built-in HD camera recognizes individual faces, making the whole experience not only interactive but secure as well. MirroCool does not need to be trained to recognize your voice, intonation and accents. It is activated by its proprietary Facial Gestures Recognition technology for a hand- and voice-free experience.

MirroCool is the assistant to offer information about relevant weather conditions, alerts of incoming messages, emails and current traffic conditions. It also will remind you of upcoming meetings, birthdays and other pertinent information of one's choosing.

As a security device, MirroCool keeps you safe at home. While you're away, the camera captures body motion, reads faces and distinguishes between registered profiles or "home intruders." MirroCool owners will get notified on their smartphone if a face isn't recognized, and they can decide whether to alert the authorities or not.