Amabilis' 'Dave Jr. Duffel 2.0' is Coated in Ceramic Armor Plates

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
Amabilis, a Washington startup apparel company, is touting its new Dave Jr. Duffel 2.0 as "the world's toughest EDC duffel bag." Based on the bag's specs and materials, that claim might not be hyperbolic.

Firstly, the Dave Jr. Duffel 2.0 is made from double layered, military-grade tarpaulin around the sides. That material is incredibly difficult to rip or rupture, and it is also completely water- and element-proof. Beyond that siding, the bottom of the bag -- which typically takes the most abuse -- is made from what Amabilis calls 'SuperFabric.' SuperFabric is a proprietary material coated in ceramic armor plates.

The Dave Jr. Duffel 2.0 comes with a lifetime guarantee, which further proves how confident Amabilis is in its durability.