This Event Allows People to Celebrate Their Weddings on a Train

It is common knowledge that Indian wedding celebrations tend to be large, extravagant events in which friends and family come together to celebrate a new state of life for couples. The 'Wedding on Wheels' experience has been created to amplify the joyous occasion even more.

In a partnership between 'Indian Railways Catering' and the 'Tourism Corporation,' the luxury train 'Maharajas' Express' will now host wedding parties. The week-long excursion allows for the people throwing the wedding and their attendees to celebrate the occasion while simultaneously traveling aboard a luxurious train and having the opportunity to see India. The train will begin in Mumbai and end in Delhi, while traveling through several beautiful locations in the process. The train can hold up to 88 passengers and the experience costs approximately $150,000 USD.

For those who can afford to put down a large amount of money on their wedding celebrations, the Wedding on Wheels offers a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.