'Louvrewall' is Both a Cafe and a Residence in South Korea

 - Sep 29, 2016
References: a-n-d.kr & dezeen
Louvrewall, a cafe and residence in South Korea's Gyeonggi Province, takes its name from its unique and striking facade. The building, which was designed by South Korean architecture firm Architecture of Novel Differation (or AND,) is covered in a mesmerizing set of aluminum louvers.

The louvers, which were designed by AND using a program called the Parametric Louver Design System, provide many benefits. For one, they function like Venetian blinds, closing to keep rain from staining the building's glazed glass exterior or block out the sun for residents. Further, on sunny days the open louvers cast expressionistic, stark shadows throughout the building's interior.

Aside from its facade, Louvrewall is an interesting architectural unit in its own right. It's shaped with oblong curves that give the interior a fluid feel, guiding people through its rooms and hallways.