Purchasing This Packaged Water Sends Water to People in Need

 - Oct 3, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
It may seem counterintuitive to purchase water boxes in order to help the environment and other people, but that is partially the case with these 'Water For Change' bottles.

The packaged water comes in the form of portable boxes that are made from cardboard the can be recycled. A plastic twist-off cap sits on top of the water boxes, allowing users to take it on-the-go if necessary. The labeling on the Swedish boxed waters feature various buzzwords such as "pure, eco-friendly, natural and sustainable" to ensure that consumers are aware of the brand's purpose. For each carton that is purchased, the brand donates 10 litres of water to a village in the developing world.

These water boxes forgo the use of environmentally damaging plastics and make consumers feel more positive about their purchasing habits.