From Helicopter Hotel Rooms to Glass Pod Accommodations

 - Jul 15, 2017
As more and more young people prioritize travel, the need for capsule accommodations is on the rise.

More so than previous generations, Millennials are unique in their preference to invest their money in fulfilling experiences. These experiences can often be found through travel, creating an increased need for affordable accommodations. Finding ways to deliver affordable accommodations in larger cites where real estate is expensive can be a challenge so these companies have found ways to substitute space for a unique experience.

For example, Singapore's 'Met A Space Pods' have garnered a reputation as the world's smallest hotel room, yet this title works to legitimize the capsule hotel for Millennial and Gen Z travelers. Being able to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience (like the converted bus hotel) is something that young people find worthy of their investment, and those who have been able to capitalize on this ideology by building capsule accommodations are reaping the rewards.