This Hostel's Open-Concept Space is Divided with Dismountable LED Walls

Architect He Wei is the mind behind the transparent hostel rooms in a renovated home that's located in China's Pingtian village.

The interior of the two-storey building spans a total of 270 square meters, giving 'Papa's Hostel' a limited amount of space to work with. He Wei took this into account with his design of the transparent hostel rooms, making each lightweight and modular so that the space can be customized depending on the amount of people being hosted. Though the exterior of Papa's Hostel keeps its traditional look, the interior of the building has undergone a series of changes to complement its open-concept design.

While the first floor is dedicated to recreational space for the guests, the second floor keeps the single room design and uses the transparent dividers to split up the guests. The dismountable walls have a blurred finish that offers privacy to its inhabitants while simultaneously allowing light to seep through, which is also complemented by LED lights that decorate the walls.

Photo Credits: designboom, competition.adesignaward