The SLEEEP Hong Kong Capsule Hotel is Devoted to Providing Quality Sleeps

 - Feb 16, 2017
Many hotels put an emphasis on amenities, but the SLEEEP Hong Kong hotel eschews any frills in favor of focusing on one particular experience: giving guests the best sleep possible. The "capsule hotel" features sleep pods rather than rooms, and guests have the option to book nightly or at pay-as-you-wish hourly rates, making it a place to nap or slumber in the midst of the bustle of Hong Kong.

The sleep pods in SLEEEP Hong Kong were developed by two friends in response to Harvard's Dean Challenge. Called SLPer pods, they were designed in response to the pressing issue of population growth in urban centers, reducing space while still giving people shelter to sleep. The pods encourage quality sleeps with things like responsive lighting, smooth corners, noiseless curtains, and more.