BenBo Offers Comfortable, Private Spaces for Sleeping in an Airport

 - May 27, 2017
References: bednboarding & treehugger
Most travelers consider themselves lucky if they come across an empty row of chairs for sleeping in an airport. Sometimes, airports offer specialized pods for sleeping, but most of the time, travelers who are concerned about getting a decently comfortable sleep must seek out the nearest airport hotel.

BenBo (which stands for Bed and Boarding) is offering a new kind of sleeping accommodation for budget-conscious travelers that takes inspiration from the popularity of Japanese capsule hotels. Those passing through the international airport in Naples, Italy, now have the chance to book a stay at a pop-up hotel right on the premises.

Use of the space costs just $9 for the first hour and only $28 for a full nine-hour stay. With a booking, guests have access to a bed, a mirror, storage cabinets, a small office station and free Wi-Fi.