Benetton's 'TV31100' is an Environmentally Friendly Seamless Sweater

Benetton is employing high-tech, forward-thinking and sustainable technology for the making of a new kind of seamless sweater that's being identified as the 'TV31100.'

The colorful TV31100 sweaters for men and women get their name from the the postal code of Benetton's first facility, established in 1965. The mechanical-sounding name of the product also reflects the fact that the garments are made on knitting machines sourced from Japan that use a sustainable technique called Whole Garment Technology, which minimizes yarn waste and as a result, their impact on the environment.

These basic pullover sweaters will be available as a limited-edition product that showcases Benetton as an innovator in the realm of knitting technology and sustainable fashion in the past and in the many years to come.