This Recipe Calls for Essential Oils, Baking Soda and Water

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: diynatural is a website that promotes innovative, simple and eco-friendly alternatives to consumers who are looking to save on cost and make their lifestyle a little healthier -- with one of its latest endorsements going towards a fabric refresher that functions similarly to Febreeze.

In order to create the homemade product, one needs to pick up four essential oils, which DIY Natural lists as lemon, palmarosa, tea tree and eucalyptus. In addition to this, the fabric refresher recipe calls for baking soda and distilled water. Once all the ingredients are gathered, they can all be added to a spray bottle -- first combining the baking soda and water, shaking to stir and then carefully adding drops of essential oils.

With this recipe, consumers are able to naturally refresh their homes with a unique scent that's not found in synthetic products, making for an affordable alternative that will last for weeks.