The Volkswagen ID Concept Sedan Charges to 80% in 15-Minutes

 - Sep 29, 2016
References: media.vw & newatlas
It's no secret the electric automobile is the way of the future, so the Volkswagen ID concept sedan comes as a breakthrough vehicle that's designed with the future in mind.

Packed with quick-charge technology, the Volkswagen ID is capable of being charged to 80% in just 30-minutes to ensure optimal usage with minimal downtime. Regarding range, the Volkswagen ID is set to offer roughly 400 to 600km per charge, which helps to really aid the movement to curing range anxiety when it comes to electric vehicles.

The Volkswagen ID comes as a concept vehicle that's part of the brand's aggressive move towards electric automobiles with an ambitious goal of having 30 EVs across all group brands by 2025. The ID will also be autonomous-ready to ensure that as technology grows and adapts that the vehicle will too.