Dyaqua's Panels are Indistinguishable from Common Building Materials

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: dyaqua.it & fastcodesign
Italian engineering firm Dyaqua has created what it calls "invisible solar" panels. While the panels would be virtually impossible for the average person to notice, no matter where they're installed, they aren't actually invisible, of course. Rather, Dyaqua has developed solar panels that can be disguised to look just like a host of common building materials.

Solar panels are an excellent way to save energy and money, but everyone is familiar with how conspicuous normal solar panels are when they are installed on a roof. For building- and homeowners with an eye for style, Dyaqua's solar panels can give the same environmental and economic benefits as traditional panels without the futuristic look.

Dyaqua's panels come disguised as several different building materials, including terra cotta, stone, slate, concrete, and even a material as nuanced as raw wood.