The 'Invi' Bracelet Releases Skunk Smell to Ward Off Attackers

 - Jan 13, 2018
References: & cnet
A Danish company released the newest technology in safety, the 'Invi' Bracelet.

The subtle-looking bracelet features a minimalist band, and provides a very simple way to help people ward off potential attackers. The band is made from leather with a metal vial attached to the top, with an easy two-step safety feature to help it from accidentally going off.

To activate the bracelet, the safety button is pressed, and the leather band can be pulled off ultimately releasing the smell. The Invi Bracelet was inspired by the 'Skunk,' a non-violent way to ward off trouble. With a mixture of vial smells strong enough to be unbearable, the bracelet is made specifically to instigate a repulsive feeling in the attacker.

These safety bracelets are now available for purchase online, and aim to make wearers safe with a unique and unexpected design.