- Apr 9, 2019
Aging gracefully has never been more accessible, as technology and health advancements intersect to offer senior consumers comfort, and connectivity -- this list of 20 senior health aids dives into some of those innovations, which span across industries like tech and home care.

A prominent example of this includes the IngenioSpec Smart Eyewear -- a pair of tech-infused spectacles that offer boomers a more accessible means of accessing the news. In addition, these glasses can call a loved one or the emergency services, offering the wearer more independence and confidence. On a similar note, an unobtrusive home device called The Relay is ensuring older generations are safe and secure in their own homes. This device is a single-button communicator, serving as an upgraded walkie-talkie that's simple to use, and directly connects to an emergency contact.

Both thoughtful and user-friendly, the innovations included in this list offer a variety of modern, tech-infused devices and updated home care concepts, illustrating the diversity of the demographic, and presenting a tool that fits anyone's personal preferences and comfort level.

From Tech-Infused Eyewear to Medicine-Inspired Meals: