Basis by Elysium is a Vegan Product That Promotes Healthy Aging

 - Feb 12, 2019
References: elysiumhealth & futurism
'Basis' is an NAD+ supplement by Elysium that has proven to harbor great benefits for one's aging process, focusing on cellular longevity, sleep, and energy levels. NAD+ is also referred to as the "golden nucleotide" as it is one of the most important players in key biological functions.

The product has been developed in collaboration with "the world's leading scientists and research universities" and has shown promising results in a randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trial. The results reveal that patients who took the NAD+ supplement experienced an average of 40% increase in NAD+ levels in one month.

Elysium makes Basis available to audiences on a subscription-based plan as the NAD+ supplement has to be taken over a period of time, in order for the individual to see and feel results.