- Mar 24, 2019
The March 2019 health trends include customized meal kits, artistic health pop-ups, VR therapy exercises, high-protein snacks, medication organizers, as well as a number of other innovations that aim to help consumers reach their personal goals.

In an effort to help consumers lose the stubborn pounds around specific parts of their bodies, the Fat Freezer Platinum was created. A noninvasive solution, the Fat Freezer is said to use a groundbreaking technology that works to freeze fat cells. The device made its debut on Indiegogo, and quickly surpassed its original $15,000 funding goal by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To help those who deal with chronic pain, Village Naturals launched a new line of products as well. The products use key ingredients like Epsom salts and essentials oils to combat soreness and other symptoms -- providing a safe at-home solution that makes for a therapeutic experience.

From CBD-Infused Body Oils to Performance-Tech Activewear: