HOLOS' Muesli Packs are Full of Nutrients and Taste Great

 - Feb 11, 2019
References: liveholos
HOLOS is a newly launched Canadian brand of healthy breakfast options that are made with busy consumers in mind.

The overnight muesli packs are currently available in four different flavors: vanilla, maple and peanut, cocoa, and chai. To prepare one of the packs, all consumers need to do is pour one into a jar or container, and then add in milk or the plant-based alternative of their choosing. Once this is done, the container can be left to soak overnight. In the morning, the soaked oats can be eaten right away, or some fresh fruit can be added on top for extra flavor.

HOLOS is available for purchase on at liveholos.com, where consumers can pick up packs individually, or sign up for the brand's commitment-free monthly subscription service.