Straw Propeller Boasts a Wide Selection of Flavors

 - Feb 26, 2019
References: fooddive & strawpropeller
Generation Z is known to be health-focused and in favor of convenience, hence, these gourmet oatmeal cups are a perfect option. Launched by Straw Propeller, the offerings are affordable at a range between $3.25 - $3.50 USD and they boast some extravagant flavors — from Moroccan Spice, Indian Curry, and Cinnamon Maple Pecan to Peaches & Berry Bramble, Banana Bread, and Maple Oats. A good source of protein, the gluten-free oats satisfy the young demographic which is "attracted to easy-to-prepare meals, as well as snacking."

For Gen Zers who really want to be conscious about their consumption, organic gourmet oatmeal cups are also available. The flavors in this category include an Almond Cacao Crunch, Banana Pancakes and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl.

With a rich abundance in creative flavors, as well as the option to be microwaved, Straw Propeller's gourmet oatmeal will surely appeal to the younger crowd.