- Dec 14, 2018
These edible digestive aids range from superfood seed snacks to digestion-aiding probiotic bars. Standouts include Radical Snacks' naturally nootropic Superbars -- made with raw and brain-boosting ingredients that also ensure gut health -- along with Alvarado Street Bakery's Sprouted Wheat Bread which consists of hemp and hops instead of what, making it ideal for those with a gluten sensitivity or intolerance.

Some more traditionally indulgent snack examples include the New Peakz Chocolate range which is fiber-enriched as an added bonus and The Real Coconut's easily digestible cookie range which is available in three delicious flavors -- Chocolate Chip, Hemp Raisin and Ginger Molasses.

Kokopanda's KOKOKONGO PARFAIT superfood parfait menu -- which features detoxifying ingredients like activated charcoal -- rounds off this list and speaks to consumers' desire for nutritious snack options that don't skip out on flavor.

From Superfood Seed Snacks to Digestion-Aiding Probiotic Bars: