Lotus Foods' Forbidden Rice Dates Back to the Chinese Empire

 - Nov 29, 2018
References: lotusfoods & shop.lotusfoods
Forbidden rice is an interesting concept that should be explored more in-depth in contemporary times. Embracing the nutritional powers of ancient grains and the aura of exclusivity, Lotus Foods offers a health-focused deep purple-colored rice product.

The term 'forbidden rice' and 'longevity rice' are interchangeable. The grain dates back to the emperors of China who were the only ones granted access to it. It was believed to increase life spans and ensure good health. Lotus Foods attempts to recreate the experience of the Forbidden Rice through harnessing its rich nutty taste, soft texture and nutritional value that boasts magnesium, protein, and fiber. The company sources its ingredient from small family-owned farms in China's Black Dragon River region.