- Nov 28, 2018
Health-focused protein bars are often the best option for people on the go and this list highlights some of the best options for increasing protein intake without sacrificing flavor.

Taking advantage of nutrient-rich superfoods, Simply Raw's Raw BA Protein Bars offer a flavorful alternative to other add-in packed offerings. Instead of using common filler ingredients, Raw BA Protein Bars are offered in Cacao & Orange, as well as Spirulina & Lemon varieties. Both offerings are vegan, organic and gluten-free, and allow on-the-go consumers an easy way to supplement nutrients into their diet.

Also featured on this list is Oskri's Egg White Protein Bar. Developed for followers of the paleo diet, Oskri's Egg White Protein Bar utilizes natural protein sources while also incorporating various superfood ingredients, including cacao, ginger, blueberries, and matcha. The protein bar also incorporates anti-inflammatory qualities thanks to the inclusion of turmeric.

From Indulgent Truffle Protein Bars to Egg-Packed Snacks: