The Dough Bar's 'Crispy Bar' is a Rice Crisp Snack with Added Protein

 - Jan 18, 2018
References: doughbardoughnuts & stack3d
The Dough Bar is introducing the 'Crispy Bar' as a unique new protein snack that takes the form of a rice crisp-style treat that's completely vegan, non-GMO and free of dairy, gluten and soy. Tapping into the Millennial's nostalgic sensibilities, as well as their parental desire to share healthy snacks with their kids, these nourishing snack bars offer an enjoyable way to fuel the body. The product is being launched in both Original and Chocolate Chip varieties that are packed with 15 grams of protein.

The Dough Bar first introduced the idea for the Crispy Bar on Kickstarter last year and has since upped the fiber content to nine grams.

While there are many protein bars on the market that are specifically targeted to the gym-going crowd, these ones set themselves apart with a distinctly memorable texture.