- Jan 13, 2019
The wellness industry is booming as individuals are striving to be mindful of their mental state and daily responses to stress, hence, this list of 2018 health trends definitely offers an insightful look into available gadgets, foods and the like.

As good digestion is key to a healthy body and mind, FoodMarble launched its tech-powered digestive aid 'AIRE.' The product is an impeccable example of how designers and companies harness cutting-edge technology to provide useful tools for monitoring and analyzing human condition over time in the comfort of their own home. AIRE, for example, gives consumers access to tech that was previously only available at hospitals.

Other examples of 2018 health trends include products like Reon Revive's on-the-go energizing power shots and PIVOT Yoga's smart at-home exercise system.

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From Crystal-Infused Water Bottles to Mindfulness Therapy Spheres: