The 'CleanseBot' Cleans Beds and More When You're Traveling

 - Dec 5, 2018
References: kickstarter & gadgetsin
Hotel rooms are notorious for having germs and bacteria lingering everywhere, so the 'CleanseBot' travel robot has been developed to offer a way to clean a space before you settle in. Ideal for avid travelers or backpackers, the robot is integrated with UV-C lamps that will kill 99.99% of the bacteria, germs and dust mites that might be lingering in a space. The robot can even be placed on a freshly made bed where it will roam autonomously to kill germs beneath the sheets to make it a must-have for those concerned about the cleanliness of their surroundings.

The 'CleanseBot' travel robot can operate for up to three hours per charge and can also be used for sanitizing technology solutions or personal items at anytime.