Dragon Breath Enables People to Breathe out Smoke

Dragon Breath is an exciting snack -- a cup full of cereal-based puffs that creates the effect of you actually breathing out smoke, just like a dragon.

The secret ingredient is the liquid nitrogen that's been infused into the snack through a technique that is performed in front of the person who ordered. Because the liquid nitrogen is too cold to touch, the snack is served with a thin stick that you skewer the puffs onto, so that one's hands don’t ever need to make contact.

The smoke-breathing experience lasts only as long as the nitrogen does.Dragon Breath first found it's popularity in a Los Angeles-based dessert shop, the Chocolate Chair, in 2015. Since then, it's grown in popularity at local malls, and its also created a lot of conversation about the health risk of frequently consuming products with liquid nitrogen.