The 'R‑shield' Scarf Offers Protection from Pollution and More

 - Nov 21, 2018
References: kickstarter
The amount of pollution and particles in the air in urban areas is making many consumers weary of the negative effects it might be having on their health, so new solutions like the 'R‑shield' scarf are being designed with this in mind.

Requiring no filters to be used, the scarf can be worn by cyclists or commuters alike to prevent 99.9% of the particles they encounter from being breathed in as they spend time outdoors. The mask is crafted from non-chemical treated cotton, is completely free of plastic materials and is easily washed between uses to keep it fresh.

The 'R‑shield' scarf can be customized with different color options and prints to make it a stylish option for urban consumers to wear on the regular.